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Hot Corners 2.6

Hot Corners Screensaver Tool for Windows

Hot Corners lets you activate or disable your screensaver by moving the mouse into the corner of the screen. You can turn on your screensaver instantly, and know that your computer is protected. Your screensaver will come on right away and when the mouse is moved, the screensaver will disappear and you will be prompted for your Windows password. For people who work in an office environment, this privacy is crucial. You can also prevent the screensaver from coming on by moving the mouse in a different corner of the screen. The screensaver will stay disabled until you move it out of that corner. Hot Corners is very customizable, and also allows you to control the power saving features of your monitor.
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Hot Corners Screensaver Tool for Windows!
Hot Corners Screensaver Tool for Windows!

Product Highlights

- Immediate privacy
You can configure Hot Corners to blank the screensaver in as quick as 1/5 of a second

- Change things up
Hot Corners can start a different screensaver each time you activate it
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What's New in this Version
- Fixed issues with Windows Vista
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, NT, Millenium Edition, 98
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