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 NoAds Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I am trying to upgrade or uninstall NoAds, but it keeps telling me I need to close the program before it can continue. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: That message means NoAds is still running in the system tray (next to the time). You need to right-click on the NoAds icon in the system tray, and hit Exit. Then you can proceed with the upgrade or uninstallation.
Question: NoAds is free…so how do you make money?
Answer: The popularity of our best selling computer-cleaner, SuperCleaner, allows us to offer this program to you for free.
Question: I keep getting Messenger Service advertisements. How can I stop them?
Answer: To stop those ads, download Stop Messenger Service Ads!...another free tool that we offer.
Question: Do any of your products contain spyware?
Answer: No, none of our products have spyware. We don't believe in that practice, as some other companies do.
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