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 FolderView Frequently Asked Questions
Question: When my trial runs out, will I automatically be billed?
Answer: No. The only way you will be billed is if you manually fill out our online order form.
Question: If I buy your software, and then a newer version comes out later, how much do I have to pay for the upgrade?
Answer: All upgrades to our software are completely free. We believe that you shouldn't have to pay twice for the same product, regardless of the improvements that have been added.
Question: I already purchased one of your products, how do I upgrade to the newest version?
Answer: Download and install the newer version, and the program will recognize that you have already bought it.
Question: Is my credit card information safe when I buy something from your store?
Answer: Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer technology, which is the safest method of ordering online. When you purchase from our store, all information sent between your computer and our servers is encrypted, so it cannot be read by any unauthorized party.
Question: Do any of your products contain spyware?
Answer: No, none of our products have spyware. We don't believe in that practice, as some other companies do.
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