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SuperCleaner 2.96

Clear Internet History & Computer Cleaner

SuperCleaner is an all-in-one computer cleaner that finds the files that are eating up your disk space and slowing you down. It can also Clear your Internet History, including your Google search history, Internet Explorer history, Firefox history, and AOL history. It even erases the hidden index.dat files Windows hides on your computer!

SuperCleaner will Delete Cookies that websites leave behind, saving only the ones you specify. You have the option to perform a file wiping when you clear your Internet history, so the files can never be recovered, even with file recovery software! The powerful AutoClean feature lets you automate and schedule your cleanings.
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Clear Internet History & Computer Cleaner!
Clear Internet History & Computer Cleaner!
Clear Internet History & Computer Cleaner!

Product Highlights

- Erase Your Search History
SuperCleaner erases your Google, Yahoo, & MSN Search History, so your Internet privacy is protected

- Safe to use
SuperCleaner performs several safety checks to ensure that your important files (Word, Notepad, etc.) aren't harmed

- Protect your Internet privacy
Erase temporary internet files, history files, cookies, and index.dat files! Supports the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator

- Guard yourself from undelete programs
Use the file wipe option to make it impossible for your files to be recovered by someone using undelete software!

- Keep your hard drives clean
Scan your entire computer for unneeded and obsolete files, and make your Windows run faster and smoother!

- Clean your Internet Favorites menu
Find and remove websites from your Favorites list that are no longer working

- Keep your Start menu clean
Find and remove dead links from your Start menu

- Automatic cleaning
SuperCleaner can automatically perform many cleaning functions when your computer starts up, such as: erasing your Internet browsing history; emptying the Windows temporary directory; emptying the Recycle Bin; and much more!

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SuperCleaner Price: $29.95
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What's New in this Version
- Fixed issue with foreign characters in the Favorites Scanner
- Fixed Garbage Finder issue on certain Vista systems
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Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, NT, Millenium Edition, 98

Internet Privacy features support the following web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher
  • America Online 6.0 and higher
  • Opera 6.0 and higher
  • Mozilla
  • Netscape Browser 8
  • Netscape Navigator 7
  • Netscape Navigator 6
  • Netscape Navigator 4
"This thing is GREAT - it finds and deletes files that Windows Disk Cleaner can't get. Also great is cleaning up all your caches, AOL included. From 98% used space on my comp, I am now down to only 81% and my computer now runs a whole lot better. Thanks!!"

Registered user

"Found out about this in a magazine review and haven't stopped using it since. Excellent product!"

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"This is the best investment I have ever made. It's brilliant....."

Registered user

"...the full product is THE BEST system cleaner I have found yet. Great job."

Registered user

"I have tried many many clean up programs for my PC and yours is by far the best I have tried is so easy to use...and saved me tons of space right away... I can't tell you the times I've used other programs that deleted files that I actually needed...and have gone back in only to find that several programs no longer worked... your program is great...thanks for offering it...."

Registered user

"Excellent clean up utility for any PC. Try it once and you'll be hooked. Instantly frees up to 100's of megabytes of hard drive space!"

Randy Jarnagin

"I love cleans up all the things I want it to...I'm not that good with different computer jargon and what to keep and what is just taking up space. SuperCleaner does it for me. Thank you."

Registered user

"It is one of the best programs I have used, and believe me, I have used many. thanks again."

Registered user

"5/5 Stars!"

ZDNet Korea

"I installed the SuperCleaner tonight and within 5 minutes I had an extra 456mbs of disk space across 4 drives, my start menu was in alphabetical order and, unlike other disk clean products, everything is working fine. The features for the internet privacy are great and so very easy to use. Within 10 minutes I uninstalled my old uninstaller. Thanks so much for having a great product!"

Sylvia Myers,

"5 Cows! SuperCleaner is an excellent program for cleaning up the useless junk files that can pile up over time..."


"Eureka! Fast .exe download, fast set-up and it works...does it ever work...gets rid of those things you always try to get rid of by searching through your files yourself...and idiot proof too!"

Registered user

"Wow!! 1.15 GB freed"

Registered user

"Es magnifico, te hace un trabajo explendido no he encontrado otro igual. Tiene todo lo que se le pueda pedir para limpiar de archivos en desuso de nuestro ordenador."

It's magnificent, it does a splendid job and I have not found anything equal to it. It has everything that anyone could ask for to clean unused files from the computer.

Registered user from Spain

"Bajarlo de inmediato, porque sin duda alguna uno de los mejores limpiadores, tengo instalados varios y este es de lo mejorcito que me he encontrado, facil de manejar, no ocupa espacio, y te da informacion detallada de los diferentes sectores que vas a limpiar."

Download it immediately, because without a doubt it is one of the best cleaners, I have installed many and this is the best I have found, easy to use, doesn't take up space, and it gives you detailed information about the different areas it's going to clean.

Alejo, Columbia

"Always a bit dubious about these cleaners, but this one does what it is told! Many thanks."

Registered user

"Excellent! - first use found 56Mb of useless files!"

Steven Clarke

"I gave my computer a thorough cleaning using all the features of this application. I detected a noticeable performance increase."

Alan E. Scher, software reviewer for

"Install was a snap of [SuperCleaner] and I love the program, even in its shareware form. It has a very simple, easy to use interface. You can choose from 4 different file deletions and I went to town. The scan of obsolete and unneeded files did a really good job and I deleted all without any problems to my machine."

"4/4 Stars!"


" a fantastic Hard Disk cleaner for the PC, it can delete all your Internet history in a few clicks while saving all your important cookies, its clean up time here at Icrontic, and this useful utility will allow you to do just that!

What I love about this program though is how quick it really is to do a complete clean, a couple of options and your hard drive will be cleaned of all trash - no messing around with troublesome options, SuperCleaner is fast but NOT dangerous like others in this genre. It knows what to delete and what not to delete. First Class!

You can of course fully tweak the program to fit your needs, it really is that versatile!

Fully supports ALL major browsers from IE/Netscape/Opera/AOL. What also makes this a worthwhile program is that it's constantly being updated. Value for money then!"

"Thank you-great utility, I wouldn't be without it."

Registered User

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